Why you need Our Trees

There is no question that the Earth’s climate is changing rapidly and we as a species must adapt to these changes.

Elevated levels of CO2 are a major contributing factor to the Greenhouse Effect that is warming our planet..

In our modern society and way of life we generate CO2 as a side-effect of living our lives. We need Energy; our cars, electricity generation, global trade and other human activities depend heavily on Carbon-based fuel, releasing un-natural amounts of CO2 into earth’s atmosphere.

These are some of Our Trees. They are a mixture of native New Zealand tree species (including NZ Beech, Kahikatea, Rimu). Our 30 acres (12 Hectares) of trees absorb and store a lot of CO2.

Our mission is to preserve, nurture and protect our indigenous native forests so that they continue to offset the rising CO2 that human society emits each day, at the same time providing healthy habitat for the Native Birds and Animals in this region.

Our native Beech Forest habitat is currently threatened by invasive species like Wasps and Stoats. In particular, wasps steal the honeydew that would normally provide essential nourishment to our native birds and honey bees, disrupting the natural food chain leading to a marked reduction in our native bird population. Stoats on the other hand are just straight-out killers, ravaging nests and birds alike.

We are pro-actively addressing the Wasp and Stoat problems seeking to return our forest to a balanced state and provide the habitat for our native flora and fauna to thrive.