The OurTrees Project

The OurTrees Project seeks to restore, preserve, nurture and protect our New Zealand indigenous native forests to provide a healthy habitat for our native birds and animals. These forests play a major part in sequestering CO2 helping offset the unnatural level of CO2 emitted by our modern society.

aerial01.jpgOur 12 hectares (30 acres) of regenerating NZ Native Beech forest provides an ideal controlled environment for us to develop tooling, technology and management strategies that can be rolled out to similar smallholder forests nationwide, benefitting both the landowner and our environment.

“you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” .. Peter Drucker

Having a background in enterprise IT has led us to develop a system for digitally recording information on the trees, funghi and other features in our forest. This gives us a set of baseline data allowing us to measure changes and improvements delivered by the project over time.


You can Visit the OurTrees Forest from anywhere in the world, view video and imagesĀ  or just listen to the birds for a few minutes.

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